5th International Congress on Catalysis for Biorefineries 2019

CatBior V, 2019 Turku/Åbo and Southwestern Finland

Turku (Åbo in Swedish) is the oldest city of Finland, and one of the most vital cultural, educational, and industrial centra in the country. The city has two classical universities and two universities of applied science, enrolling in total 40 000 students. The region of Turku/Åbo has a strong economic growth thanks to the expansion of shipbuilding, car manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical and alimentary industries. The cultural life of the city is flourishing, particularly music, theatre and fine arts. Turku has unique historical monuments and attractions, such as the medieval Castle and Cathedral as well as the Maritime museum Forum Marinum, museums of Fine Arts and the Handicraft Museum. The famous Turku Archipelago with thousands of islands is in the immediate vicinity of Turku.
Turku is easily accessible from abroad. The city has an airport with direct flight connections to Stockholm, Helsinki, Riga and Gdansk as well as railway and bus connections from Helsinki to Turku takes two hours. The ferry boat Stockholm-Turku travels each day